6 Reasons Why Wales’ C Team Needs a Permanent Place in the Sport

Wales C

Following Wales C's narrow 3-2 defeat to England C at Jenner Park, it has to be considered i will Welsh domestic fans will be treated to this team on a regular basis? Here are just six reasons why C team international football needs to stay in Wales. Keep Players in the

Wales C v England C: Post-match tactical analysis

Wales C team

Last nights gritty performance for the Wales C international against an England C side, made up numerous full-time player, showed that the JD Welsh Premier League is unique as a collective. Under the shining light of the Sgorio cameras, the side comprised of Welsh players based in the top flight

Next stop the WPL? Llanelli bring themselves back from the brink

Barry Town United have rightfully picked up plenty of the plaudits in recent weeks since their rise into the Welsh Premier League, but they are by no means the only fallen giant in Welsh football to have regained their footing. Llanelli, who were exiled from the Welsh League alongside the Jenner

The highs and lows of Gavin Chesterfield’s 10 years at Barry Town United

Gavin Chesterfield

Gavin Chesterfield has been through just about it all at Barry Town United and following his side's promotion to the Welsh Premier League in his 10th year at the club, we get a chance to take a look at the highs and lows he's experienced managing the club. Chesterfield was appointed